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"Pull" Act 1&2

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Danylo is fascinated with the Gravitopocalypse of 2025. The day that gave a start to depletion of gravitational force throughout the day (which is also his birthday). He lives with his mom, his dad, he's.. dead. There is almost no one that is as interested in it as he is. As the governments of the world work tightly hand in hand with the tech company Reveyl4 (rescuers, offered help to the humanity when gravitopocalypse happened 16 years ago), they have introduced laws that prohibited the use of ANYTHING that might pull you down during pull-offs (that's what people call the gravity depletion), as you WILL(underline)explode. And if you DON'T you will be imprisoned. As you might guess he's kind of a loner and he thinks he's not gonna have anything exciting in life.

As he walks home from school on his birthday, yet another pull-off is about to happen.
A loudspeaker announces that the next gravity depletion is soon to start and that the citizens should brace themselves and pack anything that might float away and cause litter when the gravity comes back on.
Danylo is listening to his headphones, but the statewide announcement system is also implemented into electronic devices, so he hears the message anyway.
He doesn't really pay attention to it cause he's used to it so much.
He continues walking as things start to slowly rise in the air, people start to swim through the cloudy sky, and the roads are now guarded with an impact-inducing magnetic field that turns on so the cars don't hit the buildings. Something was off. He was still on the ground.

Danylo is being chased by a security drone that spotted him for alleged use of prohibited technology as he was on the ground. He runs to hide in an apartment building, then he attempts to fly, jumping out of the window. A girl named Ruth finds him, she's in shock as he's not flying like everyone else. Then she introduces him to the resistance team that she's part of, which WAS in the works of figuring out the cause of gravity depletion and how to stop it. They only knew it was somehow connected to Reveyl4 Corporation. They weren't having any progress as they weren't even able to bypass the censor field that could easily detect ILLEGAL hardware in the AIR.

Soon, they find that there's a hidden chip inside Danylo's forearm.

Because of that, he's being pulled into the group investigation.
It lasts weeks. They identify the chip as being as old as Danylo himself, as the date it was inserted (they found) was a couple of hours after he was born. This chip is the sole reason he's on the ground, it activated on his 16th birthday. Which is today.

Danylo is constantly rescued from interacting with the group of friends that he means nothing to, by Ruth as now there are more hooks being found by the resistance and they NEED Danylo's presence.

Reveyl4 Corporation was founded at the same time as the first gravity depletion happened. It was already there before the gravitopocalypse, but it had a different name. "Techsonics Corp."

They needed more information. Danylo remembers his dad used to work there, but nothing seems to be found about neither what he worked on, nor how he died. They had to dig deeper. Everything was going towards the CEO.

They somehow snuck into the Headquarters and found secret documents relating to his dad, that he indeed died (eliminated), the goal of the company,blueprints of the building, and pictures of the machine that is the reason gravity-thing is happening in the first place. They (the company) planned to make the depletion happen forever, and there was a set date on when they will commence the operation as everything was almost ready.

Because of that, they had to stop them and him in particular. They were able to get inside and find the secret underground lab, the enormous machine, and the CEO himself. During the evil monologue, he reveals that HE killed Danylo's dad.

Vlad's team of one!
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