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Week 5 - ACT 1

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Once upon a time there was an imaginary friend named W, who had lived with the Anderson family for many, many years; passed down from child to child.
minor beat: W looks through several framed photos to remember some of their previous friends, starting with the first.
They remember dancing, laughing and playing with many different kids. (one example could go as far back as Victorian time)

Every day W played with their child and adopted a special form of their choice. Whatever they desired; until the kid grew up and moved on, making different friends and causing W to lose their form, not to be seen again until the next child came around.
Minor beat: As much as W enjoyed playing with each child, what they desired most was a friend who could last forever. They would often get tired of saying goodbye.

But is W the kind of person who mopes around? No way. Quite the opposite actually. W believes that they will always have a friend no matter what. It’s just that they wish that the next one would last forever. But W hides their true feelings and wants deep down and uses fun, excitement and serving others. W is a very selfless imaginary friend who is always there for the kids and just wants them to be happy. Even if it means putting the children first before themselves.
minor beat: W exits their memories, looking very nostalgic and distinctly alone in the quiet hallway of the Anderson House.
minor beat: They look around, telling themselves they don’t need to mope around for much longer, because they’ll get a new friend soon! But, they keep going back and forth about how it’s been longer than normal for a kid to give them a new form. How they miss talking and being seen by people; what they’re like this forever?!

Until one day, a new Anderson child, Sam Anderson moved back to the ancestral house with her parents. But things were strange, the new kid was here...but W did not transform! And stranger still, Sam could still see W, hear them even."
Minor beat: Usually the children could only see W when they took the form they wanted or imagined, and of course lose the form when the child would leave. But in this case, Sam can see W with no form because she has no expectations of who SHE wants W to be.
minor beat: Sam arrives with her parents at their ancestral house, looking around the house in wonder and hears W talking, asking who’s there?
minor beat: W surprised at seeing their new guest, notices that they have not taken a new form. “Wait, you can see me?” Cried W.

Team: M.A.D Catapult
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