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Act 1 Once upon a time… there was a kid named Oliver who loved comic books and wanted to become an artist, But he had anxiety. He would sit and daydream about superheroes and villains while other kids played tag and rode bikes He had a notebook for sketching his favorite characters and writing plots. Meanwhile, Anxiety would make sure the pencils weren't too sharp so he would hurt himself. He read and researched every day and was always looking for ways to improve his work, over-edited youtube videos and Instagram tips served him well but nothing to compare to the Blackberry High art program- The one class he never struggled in. Everyday… He’d always draw and make these comics but was too anxious to show anyone. He’d wake up late and have to rush to get ready for school he would chack his bag multiple times, eat a breakfast of toast and eggs, and grab an iced coffee on the way to school. He hated iced coffee but Anxiety was scared he’d spilled the hot stuff on himself, so iced it was. During school he’d watch the other kids from the background, They all seemed so successful. The Queen at math, The Boy who could tame any hair or chipped nail, The Kid who danced and sung on stage as if the world wasn't waiting to see them on broadway. He watched and wondered how they had the confidence. Until one day… He got mad that his anxiety was stopping him, so he started suppressing it. He stood in the mirror and put on the biggest smile he could, grabbed all his notebooks and character sheets and stuffed them in his bag, and when anxiety tried to pull them back out -worried he’d be bullied- Oliver stuffed anxiety in too, saying, “Be quiet.”

Team HTA
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