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Lottie’s True Love - Story Spine

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Once upon a time a 8 year old baby girl, with a white strip along her entire hair’s length, named Lottie was the happiest kid in the world. She had a loving family and she was in awe of her parent’s love, that seemed so true and intense.

Everyday she asked her mom and dad questions about true love and soulmates, and then in the night she got lost in her favourite tales, starring forever happy couples, like Cinderella, or The Little Marmaid, wrapped up in her big blanket and under a soft and warm light.

But one day Lottie’s parents get into a really big fight and decide that same day to go separate ways. Lottie feels betrayed.

Because of that she runs into her room and throws away all of her books. One of them, hidden under the others, captures her attention: OTTERLY IN LOVE. An essay on why otters are the only animals able to find their true love.

Because of that Lottie decides to leave to find otters and learn all their secrets. They live by a river few kilometres away from her hometown. When she arrives she notices that all the otters are divided in couples and they always hold each other’s hands, no matter what. Lottie is enthusiastic and starts observing them. She suddenly spots one otter that seems to have no one to hold hands with.

Because of that this lonely otter is unable to find a match and is asked to leave. Lottie can’t believe it. Weren’t otters the only animals who never failed at finding their perfect soulmate? She decides to follow the lonely otter and solve the mistery. The lonely otter is very reluctant and tries to run away from her. Lottie gets very mad and yells “Why can’t you find true love?”. The lonely otter turns to Lottie with eyes full of tears.

Unitl finally they both look into each other’s eyes. It’s a moment of revelation. The otter looks at Lottie carefully for the first time and notices her particular hair, very similar to its fur. The otter stretches its hand towards Lottie. Lottie is hesitant, but then decides to take the otter’s hand. They immediatley feel a strong connection.

Ever since that day Lottie and the lonely otter are inseparable friends, always playing together and being there one for the other.

The moral of the story is: true love is not something really definible and sometimes it can come also in the form of a indissoluble friendship.

Tamba team
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