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Une Masquerade Ridicule - Act 1

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Once upon a time there was a street performer in Paris named Doire that performed under the name "Ridiculo".
They leave the house with the rising of the sun. With the sound of locking the door their uneasiness rises and their back curves with a sigh. They focus on the ground and avoid contact with strangers.
On the way their eyes tend to linger on the couples and friendly pairs on the street. The laughter inspires but weighs on Doire's heart. Today however has been different. They come across an emotional couple. A woman cleans her lover's tears, kisses him on the cheek and they fall into each other's arms. Doire breaks a little smile, while adjusting their posture and walking upright for a bit.
Arriving at their regular place, any hint of sadness, guilt or fear disappears from Doire's expression. They apply their makeup, red glowing cheeks on white canvas and put on a wide smile. The chiming bells already attracts bystanders. Doire is gone and Ridiculo takes the spotlight.

Everyday they gather a crowd, enchanted by their impeccable acrobatics accompanied by magical tunes.
The great diversity including irish stepdance mixed with rythmic acrobatics and even light shows make for the most spectacular street performance. Whenever there is a crying child or an upset bystander in the crowd, Ridiculo turns their attention to the singular. If the whole audience doesn't smile than the show was not good enough.

Until one day they are approached by Carolina, an enthusiastic painting student. Wanting to understand who is behind the art she requests the performer's aid for her final assignment.
Doire, visibly uncomfortable by the question, walks away avoiding further interaction. Carolina, though, is unshaken and keeps calling for the jester, insisting that they have to be the subject of her art. Her muse! As they hunt each other down the streets of Paris with no foreseenable end, “Atlas", Carolina's equally eager companion dog, waddles his way in between and around the two pairs of feet. Doire gasps as they stumble backwards entangled and dragged down by the artist that tried to find hold on Doire's hood. Mid falling, Carolina loses grip of her cup that twirls in the air just to fall lid first on her head like a cherry on top of this disastrous cake. Atlas joyfully joins the pile and Doire starts to apologise on repeat.
A single moment of quietude follows. Doire holds the leash and Carolina's bags while she dips her head in a water fountain. Doire pays for a new coffee and apologizes once more. Carolina leverages the sentence repeated ad nauseum back into topic: her assignment. Doire, giving into their own guilt, finally accepts.
Doire returns to their dim lit home. Their face is pinched, the shoulders droopy. They repeat out loud that there is nothing to fear. We see crossed out words on a piece of paper.

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