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Once upon a time there was a misfit boy named Adam. ever since adam was a young a boy there were 2 things he loved the most comic books and cooking with his dad. but ever since his dad passed away he lost his passion for cooking and focused more on his comic book looking for a role model in his life
Every day Adam goes to work feeling unfulfilled at his job. he decided to work in a comic book store thinking he would be happier being closer to the things he loves. his job at the comic store wasnt enough to fill the void inside him
Until one day an unordinary customer walks in and asks Adam a question: What is he doing with his life? Adam was confused at what the customer said. the customer continued to shake his head as he said find your dream and make it real
Because of that Adam spends his day contemplating about his life. Because of that Adam decides to quit his job and start exploring his options in life. Because of that Adam starts applying to different kind of jobs that he's interested in and keeps getting rejected.
Until finally he makes his own extraordinary restaurant which is inspired by the superhereos in his favorite comics.
Ever since that day Adam always learnt to take risks that will make you happy.
The moral of the story is you should always be that unordinary person who asks yourself that question. "What are you doing with your life?"

Team Forsa
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