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Character Profile: Mona

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Meet Mona- short for Monachopsis. On the outside, she is a young girl who appears to be caring yet shy. In a society where everyone is born with a birthmark on the back of their neck, which determines their future career, Mona is born without one. She wears a scarf to conceal this fact and has thick dark wavy hair to hide her bare neck even more. The freckles on her nose are the closest she comes to having a birthmark. Mona has closed body language and moves swiftly yet cautiously. On the inside, Mona is fearful about not having a place in the world, yet, ambitious about finding where she fits in. Everyone else around her seems to already have their lives figured out- which results in her overthinking and having anxious thoughts. What Mona wants most is to feel like she belongs- to have a sense of purpose. What stops Mona from getting what she wants is that she is in fact different. She does not have a birthmark that decides what her future job will be, and she has trouble figuring out what career suits her. What Mona needs to learn is that she is in control of her own destiny and there is a place for her in this world. She can also show people that they don’t have to follow the path that is chosen for them and already laid out.

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