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ECHO- Hello, my name is Echo. I am what humans describe as a human shadow. I have existed since the day Hugo was born. That’s Hugo and I. Nine years ago, when we were babies. We were playing with our toys. Hugo talks to me and imagines I am his best friend. He’s the one that named me Echo. He has no friends at school and his parents are so busy working that they do not pay much attention to him. I want Hugo to know that he is my best friend, that I listen to him, and that I try to confort him when he feels lonely. But he’s not able to hear me. Hugo is very smart and we both spend lots of time together studying and doing homework. Together, we biked and ran in the park almost every day during the summer. We are the fastest runners in town. At sunset, we like to walk through the alleys of the city. We already know them from head to toe. I’m so happy for Hugo cause tomorrow will be his first day at this school and he’ll meet lots and lots of new friends from his class. I wish Hugo would know that I truly share his emotions. When he talks to me about his joys and sorrows or his longing for me to be real, I feel more and more connected to him. I’ve noticed something inside me is changing. Like a dark force is growing within me. This is our story.

TEACHER- Who can tell me what is nine times twelve?
Go ahead Hugo.

HUGO- 108

TEACHER- That is correct Hugo. Is Hugo the only one who knows his multiplication tables?

BULLIES- What a dork! And he thinks he is the smartest kid in the class.
Ha ha ha

HUGO- Everything is fine Echo. I accidentally tripped.

ECHO- Don’t worry Hugo. Tomorrow will be a better day

BULLIES- You still believe you’re a genius. No one will find you here. Ha, ha, ha!

ECHO- Hugo, don’t you worry. We’ll show them a lesson one day. Thank God you brought your flash light. I have the bad feeling that tonight is going to be a long night.

BULLIES- Be careful not to fall. Ha, ha, ha!

ECHO- You bullies! You should bother someone your own size.

HUGO- Echo, I'm not going back to school anymore. All the boys there are very mean to me. Echo, if you could only talk, I know we'd get along just fine. You and I would be the greatest friends in the universe.


ECHO- Run fast Hugo. Go to the darkest alley and hide.

HUGO- What! Who said that? I better run.

BULLIES- That’s right Hugo, Run. Let’s get him. Ha ha ha

ECHO- Hugo, behind you

HUGO- ECHO! You can talk?
You are alive!

BULLIES- There is Hugo! There he is! Wait a minute, what is that darkness. It's getting bigger and bigger. What’s going on!

ECHO- Grrrrr! You two have been wanting to harm Hugo and I.

BULLIES- We don’t even know you!

ECHO- You better stop bothering Hugo, because if you don't, you'll have to deal with me. I'll be watching you.

BULLIES- What are you?

ECHO- My name is Echo.

HUGO- Echo, I hope this school year will be as exciting as last year.

ECHO- Hugo, maybe you’ll make new friends this year.

HUGO- Maybe I will. But you will be my best friend forever.

ECHO- And that is the end of the story, FRIENDS!

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