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cloud surfing storyboard

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act 2
Because of that - she tried teaching herself to surf
1. After buying her board she went to the ocean to try it out 

2. There were other people surfing and she watched them before getting in the ocean herself

3. She jumps in and is greeted by a classmate briefly 

4. He asked if she needed tips, but she assured him she could figure it out

5. She didn’t approach surfing the right way,She approaches surfing how you would approach math. Very logical and expecting the same variables, conditions and rules, with little room for mistakes or changes.

6. Because of this she kept falling and messing up

7. Some other kids gave her tips to improve, and she accepted the instructions but felt stupid for not knowing and beat herself up about it

8. she felt frustrated watching kids half her age do better than she was. 

9. She gets out of the water frustrated and leaves, but comes back with determination the next day

10. She had too much forced determination which led to false self confidence 

11. She tried taking a wave that ended up being way bigger than she thought 

12.  she ran into someone else and almost hurt them

13. They got equally pounded by the wave 

14. her classmate Kale recovered quicker than she did and pulled her out 

15. She was really dazed and afraid and embarrassed afterwards and immediately got herself back to land 

18. She throws her board down and runs off
19. Kale brushes off friends asking if he was okay and follows after kalani 

20. She feels like she failed for once (she’s never utterly failed at something before)

21. She feels really down and wants to give up completely 

sorry this is so late


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