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Once upon a timethere was a winged boy named Caelus who lived in the clouds. Caelus was smart, handsome, and strong.

Every day he lived a comfortable life in the sky world, thinking he knew everything he needed to know about the ground world and its people.

One day Caelus and his friends decided to walk to the forbidden edge of the clouds.

Caelus was gloating about how popular he was and how inferior the ground people were.

Caelus was very well-loved and had not a worry in the world.

Until one day his wings were destroyed in an accident as he fell to the ground world.

In the midst of his gloating Caelus was pushed off the edge of a cloud and left to watch as he fell to the ground by his friends.

Caelus’s wings had been torn and damaged by trees as Caelus fell to the ground therefore he could not fly back up.


Because of that, most of the ground people run away from him, except Minerva.

Caelus also avoids the ground people, not trusting them.

He goes off on his own to look for a way to return to the clouds while exploring the new world.

Because of that Minerva sees him struggling and wants to help Caelus.

At first, he watches from afar, until he notices that Caelus has started to become frustrated and discouraged by all his failed attempts to get back to the clouds.

Caelus initially resists help from Minerva but continues to struggle.

They part ways and after a few more failed attempts, Caelus builds up the strength to ask for help.

Because of that they bond and overcome their personal prejudices.

Caelus learns that Minerva's dad is an inventor and he also likes to build stuff.

He explains he has an idea but needs a couple of parts from around town in order to build what should return Caelus home.

They both learn about the other's homes and people.

Because of that Minerva is ostracized by the other ground people for helping Caelus due to the stigma.

Caelus doesn't understand what's happening and why.

Because of that Minerva has to explain why that stigma exists:
There was a war between two factions on the ground that resulted in them separating, one finding a way to live among the clouds.

Because of that, they work together to erase that stigma.

Caelus begins to interact with the ground people more and Minerva shares stories and starts convincing people to trust Caelus.

Because of that, Caelus became accustomed to the ground people.

The ground people grow familiar with Caelus and accept him as their own.


Until finally, Caelus ends the hate between the Ground and the Sky people.

The sky people and ground people reconcile their differences.

Caelus educates his own people about the ground people basing his experience from living in the ground world.

Ever since then, the two societies have become intertwined.

The sky people descend down to visit the ground people and the ground people use their flying machines to visit the sky world.

Caelus and Minerva become ambassadors for their respective worlds.

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