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Fuga's Story Act1: The Origins of a Shipwrecked Alien, Fuga, and his Unwilling Journey Through Area 51

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Fuga, the lone remaining alien of his species is alienated (no pun intended) on planet earth, very apprehensive and frightened. Fuga is left with bruises and scars that display his miscolored, quirky black blood that contains a rare combination of cosmic minerals that can reverse the effect of death. Being reaped for his benefits to society by the rich and powerful, Fuga's blood is used to revive a corrupt businessman which bewilders the young alien as he begins feeling like a toy used for healing these wealthy humans. While imprisoned, Fuga encounters a dying, multi-lingual inmate who speaks his language as well as millions of others. The alien warns Fuga that he will be placed in an even worse alien penitentiary in America, called Area 51. Fortunately for Fuga, the deceased alien gives him a flash drive that he is ordered to deliver to Roswell. Fuga yearns to find his sister who survived the crash with him but has not been in touch with him since his imprisonment. Despite abhorrent conditions, he becomes intrigued and connected with a blind, speech pathologist, named Holly. Fuga finally meets Roswell and feels as though he has found a mentor. Roswell promises Fuga freedom in return for the flash drive that he received earlier. Fuga is now stuck in a predicament and his biggest obstacle yet!

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