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The Antique Store - Act 1

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Emily is the owner of an antique store. An accomplished person, she knows history well and is knowledgeable about everything, which she likes to make known to others through offering advice. But this is not always well received and so has left her a bit lonely. Everyday she opens the store at precisely 9am and closes at precisely 5pm. No sooner, no later. Emily always starts her day with a cup of tea. Sometimes she likes to reflect on her life’s achievements but on this particular morning she can’t help but notice the absence of friends in her life. She doesn’t understand why no one stays around for long. Suddenly, there’s a loud, hurried knocking at the store-front door. Interrupted from her thoughts, Emily looks to see a frazzled lady asking to come in. She’s late for work and in a hurry. Emily simply points to the grandfather clock which reads 8.59am. The lady stares incredulously at her but Emily just sips her tea and waits. A few moments go by and then the clock chimes. Emily waits for the ninth chime before strolling to the door, turns the sign around to “open” and then opens the door. “Good morning! Now that we’re open, how can I help you?” The customer hurriedly asks Emily to give an appraisal on an antique compact mirror that she found in the attic of her house and says she’ll be back in the afternoon to pick it up. Emily accepts and advises her to be more organised (thinking that this is helpful advice for this lady). “Could look unprofessional you know!” “Thanks for the tip.” (Sarcastically) “My pleasure!” Emily replies, oblivious to the sarcasm. Emily inspects the antique compact mirror as the customer leaves and finds that it seems to be sealed shut. So she takes it to her desk in the back room of the store and manages to pry it open with some tools. Emily looks in the mirror and sees a flash in the reflection of her eyes. It happened so quickly that she thinks she might’ve imagined it. But all of a sudden there’s jazz music playing in her store. She looks up and is surprised to see two ghosts hanging out in her kitchen. “Who’re you?!” “You can see us?!” Emily shoos them out, saying customers aren’t allowed in the back of her store. She doesn’t quite grasp the fact that she’s seeing ghosts until she sees the rest of her store which is filled with them.

Sam McIntyre
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