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Lumi's Quest

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Act 1:
Once upon a time… there lived a brother and a sister, Lumi and Pan, who loved working together and inventing things When they were kids, they found a bundle of crystals near their home on the beach. They seem to always point towards one direction This ignites their exploration drive as they want to see where the crystals lead Everyday… they build inventions that will allow them to figure out where the crystals lead. Together, they build a submarine to take them underwater and a navigational system (BOBA) to lead them along. However, during BOBA’s construction, Lumi doesn’t see Pan adding the crystal to their little robot BOBA leads them through turbulence that pops them out at an underwater graveyard During the turbulence, the oxygen tank gets damage They send BOBA to the portal to investigate the issue. BOBA comes back with distorted footage/sound but Pan believes there’s more, Lumi doesn’t They get into an argument that leads Pan to go on his own But one day… Pan DISAPPEARS. Pan leaves the sub to investigate where the crystals are leading him. He gets to a threshold underwater that activates when the crystals are near. He gets sucked in and the portal deactivates immediately after

Act 2:
- Because of that… Lumi starts her search for her brother.
- After fixing the oxygen tank,she realizes her brother is missing. Lumi becomes devastated and blames herself for his disappearance
- The oxygen tank is still very low, Lumi has a limited amount of time to figure out where Pan went.
- In desperation of low oxygen and a missing brother, Lumi panics into trying to make a quick invention
- She gets really close to being successful but it suddenly powers out.
- This causes Lumi to lash out her frustration on BOBA and reveals the crystal Pan left inside a long time ago. DIALOGUE: (Lumi) AUUUGHH!
- After quickly analyzing the crystal, Lumi manages to finally make BOBA work and begins to track down Pan.(DIALOGUE: (Lumi) I DID IT!) She gets lead through the open portal, causing the sub to crash-land into the other dimension

- Because of that… Lumi enters the portal and finds a masked child, a rock creature, and a wisp running away from a group of hunters
Upon finding a strange group running from frightening-looking hunters, Lumi’s first instinct is to save them.
- BOBA blinds the hunters with its bright, flashing eyes and Lumi manages to trap them with her net gun. DIALOGUE: (Lumi) LEAVE THEM ALONE!
- Suddenly a small earthquake startles everyone. Lumi and the others take this unexpected event to their advantage and escape as quickly as possible.
- Seeing new inventions, the masked child becomes impressed by Lumi and grows curious about all the inventions she has on her.
- Lumi wants to ask many questions but at the same time is too shocked by the creatures she saw before her: the masked child, the rock creature, and the wisp DIALOGUE: (Lumi) What are… all of you??
- Lumi offers to teach the masked child more about her inventions and in return, asks the new group to help her get to wherever BOBA is pointing to
- As Lumi becomes more familiar with this new group, she begins to have a connection with the masked child. The child reminds her of herself when she was young as Pan was her teacher in making inventions
- As they get closer, Lumi notices the crystal in BOBA shining brighter, but the masked child suddenly demands her to end her mission DIALOGUE: (Child) We have to stop here.. (Lumi) What? Why?!?
- This makes the child and Lumi break into an argument.
- In the midst of their argument, Lumi and the child break BOBA, making it malfunction and no longer point to a direction. (The crystals still shine brightly by themselves) DIALOGUE: (Child) We just.. CAN’T!!

- Because of that… Lumi and the group end up getting ambushed by the group of hunters mid-argument.
- Lumi feels complete betrayal by the masked child for breaking BOBA and instead of helping the others escape a second time, she grabs what’s left of BOBA and the crystal and flees.
- After running away, she can still see from a distance the masked child and the others getting captured. They start going towards the direction they were originally headed to before being stopped by the child.
- Lumi looks at both the group and the crystal, trying to figure out what she should do
- She thinks about how much she bonded with the group, how much the masked child looked up to her, and finally makes a decision: She needs to save her NEW FRIENDS.

Act 3:
- Until finally… lumi sneaks into the nearby village to save her friends.
- she notices the village’s innovative ingenuity with wind and water-powered technology and bioluminescence is used for lights.
- Lumi finally finds her friends from a distance being taken to a hut. As she gets closer, the crystal in her pocket shines brighter.
- At this moment, Lumi has to decide to follow the crystal or to attempt to save her friends.
- Inside the hut, the masked child is centered in front of the village leader sitting in frustration partially in the shadows.
- Lumi was able to sneak into the hut unnoticed and hidden in the shadows behind large clay jars and hanging pelts.
-As Lumi tries to get closer to see what’s going on, she notices that the masked child isn’t restrained and is being verbally disciplined instead.
- This raises more questions for lumi
- A tremor suddenly shakes the village and Lumi hears the village panic outside.
- The sudden tremor causes disorder among the village. The shake makes the child fall and shatter his mask. The village elder also springs into action to control the situation.
- At this moment, Lumi has a clear vision of both the elder and the child. She sees that they both have similar characteristics of herself and brother.
- Lumi accidentally knocks over a jar, making a noise loud enough for the child and village elder to hear
- Lumi steps out of her hiding spot. The village leader sees Lumi for the first time and immediately has a shocked expression. He knows her.
- The elder takes Lumi by the hands and educates her on all that he knows about her. He talks about how his father would tell stories of his long-lost sister and how she will find him one day.
- The elder hands her a ragged, old photograph of 2 kids, a boy and a girl, making sculptures on the beach. He says, “This was my father before he came to this world. Unfortunately, he passed on a year ago.”
- This was a lot of information for Lumi to take in. She has traveled this far only to learn that she will never find her brother.
- She looks to the child who is also looking back at her in despair.
- Lumi holds the photo tightly in her hands, sheds one last tear for learning of her brother’s loss.
- Another, larger tremor shakes the ground once more. It seems to be getting worse.
- The village leader notices the crystal glowing brighter in Lumi’s pocket. He instantly knows what needs to be done and informs her that her crystal is the last piece to saving the shrine from these disastrous tremors.
- The earthquake causes the bridge connecting the village to the shrine to collapse.
- Lumi grips the crystal tightly and immediately takes action. She calls her friends to come to her aid.
- The child, wisp, and golem rush to her. They all acknowledge what they need to do and spring into action!
- Lumi uses her grappling hook to pull plants around her surroundings to make a bridge.
- The earthquake keeps getting stronger, making this task impossible.
- The wisp zips across the abyss and brings the rope to the golem to stabilize it.
- Lumi and the child quickly make their way across the abyss to the shrine with the help of the golem and wisp.
- A statue in the shrine held a message on the base. It was a message from Pan that says: “Lumi, I will see you again as your name says, you are the light that will shine a path for others.”
- Lumi scoffs and says, “ I knew it wasn’t lumpia!”
- Lumi finally places the last piece of the crystal back together and a bright light encapsulates the shrine. The village has been saved.
- Lumi stays with the village and ends with her and her new family.

- And ever since then… the village has been safe and Lumi continues to go on adventures with her new family: the golem, the wisp, and the child. The 4 of them continue to make incredible inventions and discoveries for legends to come.

Team P2
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