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Billie- Act01

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For many generations, the Guerrero family has inhabited the mansion near the cemetery located on the outskirts of the city. There, with their mysterious powers, they have helped hundreds of spirits pass to the afterlife. That gift has been inherited to each member of the family once they turn 11 years old. Nowadays in this huge mansion lives Billie with his grandmother Selene: a kind and powerful woman who will teach him all about their legacy, once the moment comes.

Every day Billie goes to school and although he is too shy to make friends, he enjoys going there to borrow adventure books from the library.
The journey home is long and something too hectic for billies liking, but as he gets closer and closer to home, he gradually feels at peace.
When Billie gets home he helps his grandmother to make flower arrangements for the graves, and she tells him stories of her great deed in helping the spirits, he listens to her attentively, and those stories move him as much as the stories he reads on his adventure books, however deep inside Billie knows he won't be able to do those rituals, not like his grandmother. He can't see himself in that position of creating rituals and serious strategies to help the ghosts out, even though he is very familiar with the stories he wants them to stay just like that, like stories. The idea of actually seeing a ghost makes him shiver.

Billies 11th birthday came. Selene begins to get everything ready for Billies 1st ritual and she seems full of pride and joy. Billie begins to dress in a tunic that Selene hands him, and his movements are nervous and worried. They walk into the cemetery and Selene puts a circle of candles around them. She starts to read from an old book in a strange language, billies hands start to sweat, he is very nervous.

Soon enough he couldn't take it anymore and runs towards the mansion. Selene is left alone and confused. She is completely stunned.
Billie runs to his room, his safe place, he closes the door, and just when he feels safe Billie turns around and sees a ghost dog there in the middle of the room. He screams and jumps into his bed underneath the covers but it didn't matter because when Billie turns around there he is the ghost dog again under the covers.

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