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Farron in the Valley: Act 1

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9 minor beats of Act 1:

Once upon a time, there was a young adult named Farron who liked to explore and try new things. But Farron was stuck in a community that valued conformity and security.
Minor beat: Brief history of why mountains are only habitable.
(Elder community member describing history to young habitants (farron one of them))
Minor beat: To go down from the mountain one must wear a mask.
(Showing one of the elders who made it back up wearing a mask, and another who died because they didn’t have a mask)
Minor beat: It is best to survive up in the mountain and retain our strength by…
(Show a sign near the descent of the mountain with death)

Every day they would eat two potatoes to retain their strength and energy so they can continue to reinforce their barriers from outsiders.
Minor beat: Potatoes are the only vegetable that grew consistently on the mountain.
(Show potatoes growing out of soil, other vegetables not growing/decaying)
Minor beat: Farron is tired of potatoes, they want to eat something else.
(Farron bleh at potato face)
Minor beat: Farron asks the community to start looking for other things to eat. The community is not happy.
(Farron stands up on table asking for other food, community elders looking at Farron with disappointment)

Until one day Farron decided to eat just one potato, the community got upset and decided to exile Farron when they would not listen to the community’s request.
Minor beat: Rationing and measurements of how much potato is needed for each community member has been done in the past.
(1 potato per person, sad face, withering body, 2 potato, happy face, 3 potato, not enough food for everyone)
Minor beat: Farron’s rebellious action threatens the community and they do not like Farron’s unconformity.
(Farron throw potato on the ground, ate one potato. Elders huddle around and discuss consequences)
Minor beat: The community hands Farron a mask and wishes them well when they are exiled down to the valley.
(Farron with mask and bag going down a winding path to the valley)

Flying Fingers
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