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The Shadow Bazaar

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*We wish to thanks all the people who motivated us, gave us feedbak and help to improve, this short would not exist without you!*

Here is the story:
The desert, scorching as the truth, fresh as an Oasis and sweet as the mirages that only It can offer. If you find yourself amidst its dunes, probably you got lost, enduring a long journey, but it's told that the desert gives a choice, whatever you may find past it, it's a mistery...

They say there is a bazaar that sells Shadows and every type of comfort, the merchants inside are as pale as snow and live on the shadows of its drapes. Zala was one of them, or at least, she almost was... She still had to get her First customer, and after long wait, the time came.

She approached the curtain, beautiful, sporting her best smile, ready to grant whatever wish to the lost soul...but... A strange pilgrim appeared on the horizon, he spoke to the customer and took him away with him. Who was he? What did that man say?

Zala couldn't accept to move on without an explanation. Her first client had been stolen by that strange pilgrim. Why had he done that? She had too many questions and she wanted answers. She grabbed her teacher and she demanded an explanation. After a moment of hesitation, her teacher told her the pilgrim was somebody who offered an… alternative route. The Bazaar merely gave the people what they wanted, after all, but the pilgrim rarely offered a choice that could bring those poor souls relief from the desert. She did want to give the people what they want, didn't she?

So, Zala worked hard and became a successful merchant, but the pilgrim came by to steal some of her clients. No matter how many clients she satisfied she could only focus on the ones he stole from her. So, one day she decided to go out and confront him.

When she was in front of him, she looked back to the bazaar, and she noticed that from the outside it wasn't like she expected. It was odd, hazy like a mirage and the lost soul she'd just met was there, gasping under the hot sun, dying from the hot temperature without even their own shadow to keep them company. Everything she had known before was a lie. She asked the man for an explanation, but he walked away, leaving her with a choice: to leave the desert or go back to the bazaar. Alone, under the scorching sun.

Zala watched the pilgrim walk away. When she noticed the sun was burning her, she ran to the safety of the bazaar’s drapes. She immediately felt relief, but then she looked down to herself: white, hazy... an illusion, just like the bazaar. She didn't want to be part of that illusion. She knew she wanted to be something new, no matter the cost. She moved a step into the desert, then another… The wind lashed against her face, her skin became redder and redder, burning, until she got engulfed in a sand storm.

They say that the desert gives a choice: a path under the scorching sun, a sand road that can bring you far or a Mirage full of illusory wonders. Whatever you may find past your choice Is a mistery, so... What will you choose?

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