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Story Spine Mona

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1. Once upon a time…there was a girl named Mona, short for Monachopsis, who lived in a world where everyone was born with a birthmark that determined their future career…except for her. Shocked by Mona’s bare neck, a birthmark interpreter declared that Mona had until the age of 18 to decide what career she would pursue, or else, it would be decided for her. In reality, this was an advantage for Mona, but also a great challenge. 2. Every day…Mona tried out different hobbies hoping they would spark interest. Unfortunately, none of these endeavors worked out. On discouraging days, she would escape to her secret hiding spot located a bit outside of the town. It was a place where she was able to disconnect from the world, yet, people-watch. Everyone else seemed to have it figured out besides her. She felt incredibly lost. 3. Until one day while watching TV, Mona saw that her favorite actor would be attending the town’s upcoming festival that celebrated the start of young adults’ assigned future careers. As someone who brought an immense amount of inspiration to Mona, it seemed crucial to attend the festival just to see him. Maybe she could even meet him and have a life changing conversation. 4. Because of that…Mona made it a mission to attend the festival with the goal of meeting the famous actor, but unfortunately, encountered a crazed and quite large crowd. 5. Because of that…stuck in such a crowd, Mona attempted to make her way to the front of the stage to see the actor. Right as she was inches away from being able to wave at her idol, her scarf accidentally got yanked off, thus revealing her bare neck. Everyone gasped. 6. Because of that…Mona ran away from the public to her secret sitting spot. She cried as she felt there was no hope for her to fit in, nor a purpose. 7. Until finally…the actor chased after Mona to talk about how he felt like he didn’t fit in either and wanted to pursue his true passion. Mona gave him hope that he would be able to have a different future. He brought Mona back to the festival to talk in front of all the cameras about how there needed to be change in their society and the crowd chimed in, agreeing with her. 8. And ever since then…people in their society were allowed to create their own path and did not have to stick to what was assigned to them at birth. Mona found that she loved helping others in finding their passions, so she became a career counselor- something never seen in her society before. Maybe she was born without a birthmark not because there was no place for her, but because the perfect job for her did not yet exist.  9. The moral of the story is…as you transition into a new stage of your life, you don’t have to have everything figured out. You don’t have to know what you want to pursue in life and don’t have to stick to a path seemingly already laid out for you and jump into something you’re uncertain about. Pursue your passions and dreams and whatever excites you, you can try things out at any place, anytime. Reach for the stars! There is a place for you in this world. Even if it may not seem like it, everyone around you doesn’t have it all figured out either, you are not alone.

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