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Electra - [Rough Draft]

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Once upon a time... There was a diva living inside time square advertisements.

- Electra is in her dressing room getting ready with a lot of pomp and circumstance.

- Electra is bossing everyone around waiting for her big entrance.

- In a flash, we see Electra radiant in her ad in Times Square, looking amazing.

Every day... she relished her spotlight in the prime advertising position.

- Every day, she makes fun of ordinary ads, because she looks down upon them.

- Every day, she listens to her hair stylist, Fred's, encouragement and wisdom , but still is dismissive of him.

- Every morning, she walks up to the placement office to get her assignment, knowing she is always assigned to the prime spot.

Until one day... someone younger and more exotic shows up and takes the first spot.

- Electra walks up to the front of the line, holding out her hand expecting her name to be called

-Then someone else's name is called ....FIRST. Her name is Devita Royale (which means like a goddess). She's the next diva.

- Everyone reacts in different ways, but Electra is the most dramatic. She goes back to her dressing room and laments to Fred.

Because of that... she becomes amazingly paranoid and reminisces about the past

- flashback to electra's mom telling her as a child that the only thing you bring to this world is a pretty face

- she snaps at a friend who is trying to be nice to her, and he remembers how it used to be before she became famous (grabbing beers in olive garden ad, pulling pranks in other billboards...)

- some friends try to console her, but she is mean to them and turns inward

- she remembers how nice it used to be to have friends, would be nice to have friends now

Because of that... she tries thinking for ways to secure her spot at the top

- could she accidentally send the new diva into the sewer? She daydreams of doing something to remove her from the top...

- Electra tries to make her own ad to star in, but ends up looking ridiculous

- A friend says why don't you flirt with joe brown the main advertising exec to help you get a good ad?

- Electra has a light bulb moment!!!! That's exactly what she should do.

Because of that... she tries to the get the attention of a real advertising exec to ensure she's famous

- Electra becomes obsessed and does anything to get his attention - hair twirls, blowing kissing, and skirts the line of interactions to try to prove it

- Everyone knows if you cross the line though.. you are relegated to holding up the times square ball

- Joe Brown winks at her!!! Electra realize it's working.

- So she says she's going to talk to him next and her friends say NO! we've been supportive until now but this is too far!

Until finally... as Electra is about to speak... she sees the man with a woman on his arm, and the woman is… the “real” 3D Electra!

- she is shaken, her friends console her she realizes that has meant so much to have her friends there with her

- she now remembers her friends telling her that 2D people aren't actually famous, it's the 3D people that are famous

- she finally realizes it as the papparazzi swarm around the real Electra

- she turns around to look for her papprrazzi and it's just her ordinary friends waving and smiling at her

And ever since then... she accepted herself as 2D, and looked at the 2D world with new eyes.

- She was content to live with her ordinary 2D friends after all, they are the ones that cared about her all along.

- she treats them more kindly

- and learns that her hairstylist once was famous too - he was once fredericoooo ! and went through the same fall from fame that she did. He always said - never forget that you're not the one who's famous (she used to roll her eyes since that's what ALL the old people say, but now she understands)

- Electra hugs devita royale and says you can have first position! And we can be friends.

The moral of the story is… BLOOM where you are planted

- True contentment is found in accepting who you are. Accept your situation and BUILD from THERE and focus on what's great in your life

- flash forward to the group having beers in the red lobster commercial ad in the background

- We see Electra chatting with her friends while she waits for her daily assignment and being excited for no name ad selling the gardening clothes spring collection

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