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Act 1 & 2 Aria

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Act 1: Ever since Aria was little, people told her she had a gift for music. Besides being inseparable from her guitar, they saw how once she would sit down, her fingers would flow effortlessly through the strings of her guitar, as if it was magic that guided her; a feeling that accompanied her throughout her journey to become a composer in the music industry.

She was loved by everybody who worked with her, as her songs were always a big hit, becoming the favorite composer of her Record Label. However, throughout the years, the flow that seemed to appear effortlessly every time she created a new song became more and more rigid, as the Label would give her less space to be creative, but more instructions to make sure that the artists they worked with would always be at the TOP 100s.

Day and night, Aria would receive praise and money from songs that seemed nowhere good enough for her, as they didn’t represent her as an artist. One day, before going back to sleep, a melody started ringing through her ears. She felt her heart beat fast and got her guitar to start practicing around it. Once she went to the Record Label, she tried to sell the song to one of the new artists, Bruno, who the Label believed had everything to become successful. Yet, they turned down Aria’s offer as they needed Bruno to have a secured place at the TOP 100s. They told her to keep being good at what she did, but Aria was more insulted than rewarded by that statement, as her fingers and herself have longed for so long to relive the feeling that moved her towards music from the beginning.

That night, she stayed at the Recording Studio until very late, as she was trying to create a song for Bruno, but every time her fingers tried to touch the strings of her guitar, they would become rigid again. The magic that she had felt the night before had disappeared. She saw all the platinum and gold discs surrounding her and wondered if maybe she had to just let go of that feeling and keep working as she already had been doing. “If people like this music, I guess it’s the right music to play,” she said with a sad smile. But even if she said that out loud, it was impossible for her to keep sitting down and trying to work at the cold studio so she decided to stand up and take a walk around the park to see if a different kind of inspiration would strike again.

However, once she started walking through the park, she started hearing the same melody that woke her up the night before. She grabbed her guitar and started walking around to find where the sounds were coming from until she found herself in front of a bar she had never seen before in the neighborhood.

Act 2: However, it only took her a few seconds to realize that the melody was coming out from that place. She opened the door to find herself in front of many stairs; the melody playing as strong as ever. She started walking down the stairs but with each step she would take, the melody would become quieter. Step. Step. Step. Until she finally stepped into what looked like an antique bar.

The place seemed lousy. There was no music, no color, and not even happy people. There were only two business men drinking, what it seemed, a gluten-free beer.

“What’s this place?”, asked Aria to herself while walking towards one of the seats at the bar. She saw the bartender, a very tired-looking woman, cleaning one of the cups at the other side of the bar.

“Excuse me,” she said to the bartender. “Where is the band playing?”

The bartender kept looking at the glass in her hand. It took her a few seconds to register the existence of Aria at the place. She raised her head and squished her face in confusion without answering her.

“Oh, is it not a band? a DJ maybe?”, asked Aria when looking at her, a little bit confused at the reaction.

The bartender kept squishing her eyes at her.

“Was it a radio?” asked Aria, getting a little annoyed.

The bartender, while still cleaning the cup, sighed heavily and asked her, “what is a radio?”

“What? It entertains people with music…”

“And what’s that?”

“What’s what?”


Aria looked at the bartender in disbelief, stood up from her chair, said her regards and walked back at the entrance. “What’s music? what does she mean ´what’s music?´”. However, once she walked through the door to leave the weird bar she raised her head and realized she was back at the entrance, looking down at the stairwell. She looked around confused, turned back at the door and stepped back out to leave. She was back at the entrance, in front of the stairs.

She tried to leave several times, but every time it would happen the same thing.
Open the door, walk through it, back at the stairwell. She even walked down at the bartender to explain the problem, but the bartender did not seem to understand what the issue was. Aria spent a few minutes walking through the same door at least 50 times until she walked back, feeling defeated, to the same seat at the bar.

She was perplexed. She turned around at the businessman and screamed her question. “Hey, you two, do you know what music is?” but the businessmen looked at each other and raised their shoulders. She laid down at the counter and raised her hand to at least ask for a beer. The bartender gave her one. “Gluten-free beer” it read. She kept her head down at the counter, no even touching the beer.

However, a few minutes later, she felt the presence of someone sitting down beside her. It was Bruno! She called her name and Bruno looked her way, but didn’t seem to recognize her.

“It’s Aria,” she said. “From the Music Label?”

“A what label?”, asked Bruno.

She was in shock. She shook her head against the counter as a sign of frustration, but the neck of her guitar hit the back of her head. She had completely forgotten that she had her guitar with her. She grabbed her guitar and played a single note to see if anyone would react. She looked back at Bruno but he didn’t react, he was just sipping his sad beer.

Aria settled her guitar in a better position and played two notes. No one at the bar raised an eyebrow. She called Bruno’s name and played three notes. Bruno nodded at her, acknowledging her weird actions, and kept drinking his beer.

She decided to play one of her most famous songs on her guitar. She stood up from her chair and walked around the bar while banting her song. No one looked at her.

She decided to play another song, an even more popular one, singing so people would recognize the lyrics. No one batted an eye. It even felt that the bar was getting more grey with the time.

Aria sat down right next to Bruno and asked him if he recognized the following song. It was one that his producers wanted him to sing. She started playing it on her guitar, her fingertips working as hard as ever but Bruno only nodded at her and kept looking empty towards the bar.

No one seemed to react to the beauty of melody, songs and notes. She sat back down at her first seat, feeling defeated again. But rather than throwing her head to the counter like she had done at the beginning, she grabbed the neck of her guitar and started playing around with the strings. Throwing a few notes over here and there.

It had been a long time since she had felt this sad. First the Music label had shut down her options and now she was trapped in a world that had no music. She kept playing with her guitar, her fingers playing through the strings like if they were in charge to do the talking for her. Even though she felt defeated, she hadn’t felt this connection with music since a long time ago. The song had started to play out very slowly but it had rapidly started to sound like the songs she used to play, with her fingertips going through the strings as if it was magic.

Suddenly, she started hearing the melody that had woken her up the night before. She raised her head and saw Bruno humming it. She got really excited but tried to play it cool. She kept playing on her guitar while Bruno started humming more and louder. In a blink of an eye, the bartender also started making a melody while cleaning the cup she had in her hand. The music started to raise so much, that the two businessmen were also drum rolling their fingers against their table.

That was the song! The song that Aria was looking for!

In just a few seconds, the bar seemed to even become more colorful as the people around her started playing the melodies that seemed to be hiding for so long. She looked back at Bruno with a smile and he was smiling back at her.

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