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Leo´s Act 1

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There was a time when the giants ruled the world. Curious for the world and passionate by knowledge, they explored every corner on earth looking for the deepest secrets. But when they were close to gain all knowledge available, a gentle giant discovered little creatures on the ground that were in danger by the giants´activities. These little creatures were the first humans. Touched by this discovery the giants decided to enter in a deep sleep turning themselves into the mountains that we know today. Leo, inspired by this story that his parents told him, decided to be like the giants and be the greatest explorer that anyone has ever seen. Every night, Leo escaped to explore the forbidden zones that his parents kept him from knowing, they told him how dangerous it was and how risky for the mountain´s heart his actions could be. But Leo kept going and collecting little treasures for himself, once their parents found out, they had a huge fight and Leo decided to escape home, and look for someone who can accept him for how he was and could teach him the real craft of being an explorer. Leo eventually found a mentor, but this explorer had his own restrictions as well, restrictions that Leo couldn´t bear either and eventually Leo abandoned him as well, and decided to travel alone. From that day, Leo travels from place to place, collecting different treasures and gaining fame everywhere. Until one day, a journalist challenge Leo to surpass the achievements of his former mentor by climbing the mountain that nobody has ever climbed, the mountain of his home town. Leo seeing himself almost humilliated by the challenge, decide to accept the task and return to his home to climb the forbidden mountain.

The Real Madrigals
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