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Worked Like a Dog - ACT 2

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Once upon a time: There lived a dog named Collie. Collie grew up in a financially unstable childhood and, although she is better off now, she still subconsciously exhibits frugal tendencies. She saves when she can and has a dream of traveling the world.

Every day: She rides the bus to work with her best friend/coworker. She works as a barista at a coffee shop. And although it's not the best work setting, she perseveres because of how much the job pays and how close it is to her home.

Until one day: As they are talking, her friend asks her if she would like to attend their small music gig that same night. She has the morning shift, so she agrees to go. They get off at their stop and go into work. They go into the breakroom when the manager tells them that someone from corporate is coming to visit the store this morning and for everyone to be on their best behavior.

Because of that: The manager acts very strict while the corporate worker is in the store. They breathe down the workers' necks and reprimand them to make themselves look good. Collie is given more work than she can handle, but tries her best to do so with a smile on her face.

Because of that: The store passes the inspection and the corporate worker leaves. The manager, now satisfied, declares that they are going out to celebrate and needs someone to close the shop for them. Collie had done many store closings before for overtime so the manager tells her to do it. Unable to say no, Collie agrees to do it.

Because of that: her friend becomes sad and starts to clock out. Collie tries to apologize but the coworker tells her that they shouldn’t be disappointed because this isn’t the first time Collie has done something like this. They tell Collie that they already turned in their two weeks notice a week ago and wanted Collie to come to one of their last gigs in town. Collie tries to say that the coworker should know that she needs the money for her dream, but it is revealed that Collie already has more than enough money saved up. She just never used it. Her friend tells her that the only thing holding Collie back from following her dream is herself, not money. The friend clocks out and Collie is left to close the shop by herself.

Emma Gamboa
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