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Naz & Kati

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Once upon a time there was a girl Kati behind the bars of a window of a red brick house.

Everyday she sat alone behind the window under the shade of a maple tree, drowning in her thoughts as she looked at the children playing.
But one day a girl with braided hair Naz with a ball on her hand from the other side of the window asked her to come and play with them, not knowing she wasn't allowed to leave the house.

They started playing from behind the window’s bars, they spend every afternoon traveling to a mystical land on a magic maple leaf and each day their friendship grew stronger and she grew braver.

One day, she snuck Naz into her home to show her only friend of hers, the green parrot that was in a cage.

Because of that she was grounded for four days, not allowed to open the window.

After it was over, everything went back to normal. They started seeing each other every day traveling to their mystical land and playing whatever they wanted and they couldn’t do in the real world.

Until finally Kati didn’t show up behind the window again! Days went by and Naz became curious and worried about her absence. Until one day she walked up to her friend’s house and found the door opened, she entered the empty house and saw the parrot cage open with the parrot nowhere in sight. Approaching the backyard, the parrot was on a thin branch of a white oak tree under the beaming ray of the sun.

Ever since that day although Naz was sad for her loss, she knew her companion was set free.

The moral of the story is to love someone means to set them
free and not to hold them in a cage.
You should feel joy towards your friends or people you love. Eventhough it means to let go of that person.

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