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Why bring Story Xperiential Youth program into your classroom?
Designed by teachers, for teachers. It’s an easy to implement, authentic work-based project. The material is written for you and no special software is needed. It includes real industry partners, ongoing support, and a final exhibition with recognition awards.
This program is like a virtual apprenticeship that offers students experience they won't forget.
TEACHER INTERVIEWS (middle and high school)

Teaching Story Xperiential in Grades 7 & 8 English class in Ontario, Canada - Emily Bovey

" As we began the program, I quickly realized that it was going to be some awesome learning for not only my students but for me too….My classroom make-up was diverse in terms of learning strengths and needs: I had multiple students with learning disabilities, as well as a sprinkling of very strong students and a couple with behavioral issues thrown in, yet this program engaged everyone! Each day, they were so excited to work together on their stories. I had several students express that their English classes in previous years were so boring and that mine were amazing (thanks, Story Xperiential)! … (read more)
One student who struggles with reading and writing excelled in this program. She took on a leadership role within her group, took feedback and ran with it, and sat at the table truly engaged, proving one of the main points I felt this program is meant to teach us—that storytelling is something that we all do and that we can all be great at! This student’s confidence soared with this program.
It also really helped me as a teacher to capitalize on the strengths of my students and to see them shine in a class that many have really struggled with and disliked in the past (English language).
If you are thinking of joining this program: Go for it! You will not regret it! … This program taught so many real-life skills: meeting deadlines, taking and giving feedback, breaking down the parts of a story, working with others, persevering, having confidence, being open-minded, writing, reading, staying organized, studying media, communicating, listening (like, REALLY listening to others and their different perspectives), the list goes on—if you’re looking for a comprehensive language program, you’ve found it!
- Emily Bovey, Ontario, Canada.
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Teaching Story Xperiential in an Oakland High School - Sydney Barnett, Oakland, CA.

“The program was perfect because it encompassed so much of what I teach in my own curriculum—Story Structure, Character Development, Visual Language, Shot Composition, Video Editing, Sound Design, and more. Even more perfect, no special software or equipment was required. Students could create their images any way they wanted, whether it was a digital drawing, a pencil sketch, or a Photoshop render. Spending those next 9 weeks supporting my students through the program, instead of stressing about writing curriculum on the fly, really allowed me to get to know them as individuals and as artists.” … (read more)
“ I was able to witness a mixed age group of students from various identities, backgrounds and skill sets— and the experience was overwhelmingly positive. I now know that I want to teach this program in my classes as long as I am able to. The weekly workflow is very flexible with only 2 main anchor points (the livestreams on Monday nights and the deadline on Sunday nights) so you can fit the course into any schedule. Classes that meet daily can follow all of the exercises while classes that only meet a couple times a week or have other commitments in the week can modify exercises and still have meaningful learning take place.”
Best of all, the team never hesitated to schedule time to meet with me over Zoom and help me face to face if I had a question. They always met me with kindness and a deep passion for what they were doing. Each time I talked with them and got to know the curriculum, I felt that excitement you’re supposed to feel when you’re teaching.
- Sydney Barnett, Oakland, CA.
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“Students were challenged and hesitant to be vulnerable and share their ideas, but the videos and exercise prompts helped foster a culture of a creative safe space. Pixar professionals showed their humanity in each livestream session—touching on important topics young people in Oakland face, such as imposter syndrome, barriers to breaking into the industry, and a lack of representation in the media. Students quickly realized they were in good hands and didn’t hesitate to take their ideas to the next level. One thing I didn’t anticipate was getting to witness some students heal from traumatic experiences and growing pains through their stories. Sharing their art and concepts with peers allowed them to feel ownership and control over their lives in a way that was deeply moving. We even had 2 teams win awards at the end of the Winter 2021 program for Storytelling and Best Story Reel. Our students were so proud when our Certificates of Completion and winner awards arrived. It was clear that the program was a success, and I was excited to explore it further.”

Social Emotional Skills

Interpersonal Skills

Critical Thinking

Communication Skills

Knowledge Integration

Perseverance (Grit)








Constructive Criticism

Conflict Management / Resolution



Receiving Feedback





Problem Solving


Informed Decision Making


Interpreting Visual Arts


Expansion of Vocabulary

Audience Relevance

Sharing Feedback

Interdisciplinary Skills

Innovation & Entrepreneurship

Technical Competence

Social Respnsibility

Work Ethic

  • We’ve designed the entire course to make your life easy
  • Dedicated support for teachers (zoom, phone, email)
  • We provide a Student Progress dashboard for teachers
  • Program comes with a self paced orientation for students (1 hour)
  • We provide guides and assessment options.
  • You get an exhibition page at the end to showcase work
Integration with Academic Standards
Our program aligns with over 100 National Core Arts & English Language Arts standards. Here is a link to full standard mapping.

Need to speak with us first or send P.O?.

5 minute video on how teachers have used Story Xperiential in the classroom (youth & adult)
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