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Empower Students to Tell Their Stories with Pixar-Inspired Storytelling

Story Xperiential is a project-based storytelling program created by Pixar & Khan Academy veterans. It allows students to create & exhibit their own stories using Pixar's renowned process, guided by industry professionals.

Covers core ELA, CTE, Arts, and Digital Media standards

Thousands of students have completed stories

Develops key skills: communication, ideation, giving & receiving feedback

Brings top industry experts into your classroom

Adheres to universal design for learning - appropriate for all skill levels


Students love Story Xperiential for its supportive community, real-world opportunities, and the way it helps grow creativity and collaboration.

- Ayush (High School)

"My final project was a highlight on my resume for my college applications.”

- Leslie S (High School)

"My favorite part of the program is the community. I learn so much from other people's work and feedback."

- Solomon S (Middle School)

“I love getting to ask questions to professionals within the animation industry“